Easy Rangoli Designs for Diwali images

What is Rangoli:-

Rangoli is the best way of celebrating Diwali because Rangoli create with color and light. So this is the best way to decorate your house and Pooja room. Rangoli is the different use of colors in the design. Rangoli is like popular flok art and different country called is different name. In southern area many people called Kolam and in West Bengal called Alpona. Here i will provide many best images for easy rangoli design for diwali. Mostly people want easy rangoli because it's take some time and looking beautiful.

Some Images for easy Rangoli in Diwali:-


How to design easy Rangoli for Diwali:-

For easy Rangoli design special powder available in market. In Diwali time these powder very costly. we have also designed Rangoli with candles and diyas. Generally people are ceated near the main gate, Pooja room, verandah. First of all select your easy Rangoli design from the internet. And then, according your design make your colours with the help of the mixer. Them Clean the floor where you create Rangoli and sketch your design outline on the floor. And fill your colours according your design. and the final touches...

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